About Us

In 1980, I received my first computer. It was an Apple II. It taught me to analyze a situation and develop a solution to fix it.

At the University of Namur, I used a digital spreadsheet to draw the pH curves. I quickly swapped my lab coat for a keyboard and a mouse. I developed software to help my co-students better visualize and understand the molecule they were studying. I had the chance to work in three labs, which gave me a broader perspective of chemistry.

In 1992, after my PhD, I flew to Silicon Valley to join a unique company filled with very talented people. It was the beginning of the Internet and the management trusted me. I built our first website around 1995. You can find traces of it in the Internet archive.

It was a period of innovation. We built the first intranet, which began with video conferencing across the United States. I am also very lucky to be surrounded by people sharing their skills. I was able to expand my knowledge and apply it to help my colleagues achieve the best.

In 2003, I learned to fly small planes. Once you’re up there, you do not have time to worry anymore. You have to land and it is only after you have parked your plan that you can worry. But it’s too late, so you move on to your next challenge.

In 2004, new changes took place and I decided to go home, where my roots are.

In 2005, I joined Uniway, which later became Sii Belgium. At that point, only one person could create a complete computer system: network, servers, e-mail, intranet, and so on. Today, you can not do it anymore. Technology has evolved so much. It’s impossible for a person to have a deep understanding of all the details.

Then I started to help our customers implement SharePoint. First as an infrastructure specialist, then as a functional analyst. My experience has allowed me to communicate with any type of profile with the IT department as well as with professional users. My scientific training has forged my brain to help me solve problems, to find an effective turnkey solution while avoiding a “gas machine”

On January 1, 2019, I started my own business to help businesses get the most out of Microsoft Office 365 solutions and support them in digitization.

The day I will not learn anything, it means that I will be dead.